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Tru Tension Lube Tungsten All Weather

Tru Tension Lube Tungsten All Weather

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Tru Tension Lube Tungsten All Weather
The first Tungsten infused lubricant, bringing space grade lubrication to the cycling industry! All weather durability, silky smooth running, no noise and extensive endurance.
Tungsten as a friction modifier is superior to Ceramics, Teflon and PTFE, making it super fast while also significantly reducing wear. Our patent pending formulation is wax based, water resistant, completely dry and 100% biodegradable.

Independently proven to reduce wear more than any other standard drip apply lube on the market.(Check out the graphs below)
-Super fast - Perfect for any riding conditions
-Dual viscosity - thin when applied for pin penetration
-Sets within 5-10 mins for instant riding
-Keeps your chain exceptionally clean
-Completely dry - dirt doesn't stick
-Repels moisture for wet riding
-Easy to clean
-Perfect for Road, MTB & E-Bikes

Don't just take our word for it, check out the endurance data below provided by world renowned and fully independent test facility Zero Friction Cycling in Australia. Tungsten All Weather Lube is the only standard drip application lubricant to ever make it past 5,000km of extreme contamination testing without exceeding wear tolerance.
Nearly double the lifespan of chain and rings for dry, dusty or gravel conditions compared to other brands.
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