New trails, new friends, more fun!

For 2024 our social rides will be a little few and far between. But keep an eye out as they will still pop up from time to time!


Bourkes Bicycles host regular social rides. These are a great way to practice
your skills, meet other riders, learn the trails around the area or just
as an excuse to go for a ride with like minded people!

 These are SOCIAL rides, not skills courses! But we are always happy to help out with pointers and tips along the way. We can also assess you along the way to suggest which level courses may suit your riding level.

 We will stop to rest, regroup, chat and session trail features regularly. No one is left behind.

 Although they are mainly mountain bike rides on our local trails in the Kiwarrak State Forest, from time to time we will also hold mixed terrain rides or start them in other locations nearby as well.

 What can you expect on one of our social rides?

 Beginner -
These ride are for everyone! Whether you are just starting out on your
mountain bike path or have been riding for years, these rides are for
you! On a beginner ride you will find a fun and supportive environment
that is a great way to learn the trails and meet other riders. The pace
will be kept social and the trails will flow!! We will come across the
occasional tricky bit for you to try out if you would like to but there
is no pressure to ride something you are not comfortable with. Rides
will typically last around 1 hour but we will adjust to suit the group
on the day.

Novice -

Once you have a bit of fitness behind you and the basics dialed then an
novice ride is for you. During one of these rides you may encounter more
technical and challenging tracks (always with B line though) as well as
a bit more climbing. Easy social pace with plenty of chance to rest and

Ride time of around 1.5 hours.

Intermediate -
Here we go! If you find yourself concurring the green trails with ease
and enjoy hitting some of the blue ones then come along to an
intermediate ride. During one of these rides you will encounter more
technical and challenging tracks as well as moderate amounts of
climbing. We will ride at a reasonable pace with fewer rest stops, but
still keep the ride nice and social.

Ride time of around 2 hours.

 Advanced -
If you want a challenge and love to push yourself, come along to one of
these rides. Most advanced rides will focus more on technical
challenges rather than flat out speed. As there will also be more
climbing as well, a high level of fitness is required to get the most
out of an advanced ride.

Ride time of 2+ hours.

 If you are unsure which level of ride is for you, start with a beginner ride and go from there.

 When you come along to one of our rides be aware that they are RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Mountain bike ride and cycling in general is an inherently dangerous sport and as such Bourkes Bicycles take no responsibility for any injury to yourself, a third party or for any damage to your bike/belongings. We highly recommend that you have your own personal
health insurance or AusCycling membership to cover yourself.

Please note that due to insurance issues we will now need all participant to fill out a waiver (valid for 12 months) to come along on our rides, you can do this on the day before the ride or send us a email to and we will send you out a link.

What you'll need

A mountain bike in good, safe working order.

 An Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet

 Covered shoes

 Gloves, full fingered preferred

 Water. Enough for 2+ hours of riding

 Snacks if you think you might get peckish

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