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Sram Chain X0 Eagle T Type 126 Link W/pwr Lock

Sram Chain X0 Eagle T Type 126 Link W/pwr Lock

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Sram Chain X0 Eagle T Type 126 Link W/pwr Lock
With Eagle Transmission paving the way for innovation, the X0 Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Flattop Chain represents a revolutionary breakthrough in bike technology. This chain is far more than just a simple chain, boasting a fully integrated and interdependent system that is stronger than any we have ever created. Its unique flat top design not only enhances its durability but also upgrades the appearance of any high-performance machine. This level of attention to detail is vital, and the X0 chain features a Dark Polar finish that is specific to the brand, has been electroless nickel-plated, and is coated with PVD for unparalleled resistance to wear and corrosion. Additionally, it has been fully approved for E-MTB use, and its solid pins ensure maximum performance.

Some of the key highlights of this product include its exceptional strength as the strongest chain ever produced by SRAM. It has been meticulously engineered to work flawlessly with the Eagle Transmission system and boasts a flat top profile that enhances its performance. The chain's shifting performance is unparalleled, and its game-changing aesthetics are sure to turn heads. With electroless nickel plating, it is optimized for optimal corrosion and wear resistance. Additionally, its PVD coating adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that it remains in top condition for longer.

Compat - Speed (CN): 12s T-Type
Chain length (links): 126 links
Colour - Outer link: Dark Polar
Colour - Inner link: Dark Polar
Chain connector: PowerLock 12s T-Type BLK PVD
Inner link finish: Chrome Hardened + PVD
Outer link finish: Nickel+PVD
Pin variant: Solid Pin
Pin treatment: Chrome Hardened

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