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Pirelli Tyre Cinturato Adventure Classic Folding 700x45c Tan Wall

Pirelli Tyre Cinturato Adventure Classic Folding 700x45c Tan Wall

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Pirelli Tyre Cinturato Adventure Classic Folding 700x45c Tan Wall
The Cinturato Adventure is a designed for your bikepacking adventure; the tread is lighter on the central part and more aggressive on the shoulder, the knobs being derived from off-road design oriented to promote rider support off-road.

The Cinturato Adventure features the new ProWall Gravel, a 60tpi tubeless-ready casing with added side wall reinforcement to prevent lateral cuts while the ProCompound Gravel, thanks to its formulation made of a mix of polymers, provides an enhanced milage. The Cinturato Adventure is a tyre able to provide you traction and grip on various surfaces

Structure: Our engineers wisely combined the technologies derived from road-specific reinforcement casings with MTB-specific one to obtain our specific ProWall gravel casing. The ProWall Gravel is a multi-ply 60 tpi reinforced and sturdy tubeless-ready carcass with added protective side wall reinforcement meant to prevent lateral cuts. This casing technology offers therefore an enhanced puncture protection still offering a supple riding feeling on various surfaces, enabling you to explore new roads.

ProCompound Gravel: Our most resistant and durable gravel-specific formulation, for the cyclists looking for explore new roads.

This version of the ProCompound is a gravel specific formulation that privileges durability and puncture-protection. Derived from the experience of the more race-oriented SmartEVO and EVO Compounds, wisely tuned to obtain a more reliable rubber compound for those who are looking for a predictable tyre on any kid of surfaces. The Pro Compound gravel is a balanced compromise between grip and durability, developed for the riders who face multiple surfaces and long distances.

- Model: Cinturato Adventure
- Size: 700 x 40C
- Weight: 600g
- Casing: 60TPI, TLR
- Anti-Puncture: ProWALL Gravel
- Compound: ProCompound Gravel
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