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Lezyne Light Super Drive Front 1600 Lumens

Lezyne Light Super Drive Front 1600 Lumens

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Lezyne Light Super Drive Front 1600 Lumens
With three ultra-high-output LED emitters leading its 1600-lumen charge, the Super Drive 1600XXL is a force to be reckoned with.

Optimized for all types of riding, the versatile beam pattern afforded by our celebrated Tri-Focus Optics lens allows for both broad, uniform coverage and a bright center spot, perfect for illuminating both trail and tarmac as fast as you can ride it.

The Super Drive 1600XXL is both Smart Connect and Remote Switch compatible for added versatility, and with its Mode Memory function, it automatically returns to selected mode after turning off.

Integrated cooling fins on the machined-aluminum body ensure proper heat management for maximum output over the duration of the light's run time.

A versatile strap securely fixes the light to all common handlebar sizes and additional accessory mounts allow for a variety of alternative mounting locations.

Loaded option/kit available.

- MAX LUMENS: 1600
- WEIGHT: 227g
- MAX RUNTIME: 148 hours (in Femto mode)
- RECHARGE TIME: (2A): 4.5 hours, (1A): 9 hours
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