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Granite Rockband Plus 480mm Tree

Granite Rockband Plus 480mm Tree

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Granite Rockband Plus 480mm Tree
A super light, super tough and super easy to use strap for carrying inner tubes and tools on your frame.

The secondary inner-strap guarantees your essentials always stayed locked-in place when you're rocking hard.

- Rockband means you'll always have a tube and tools strapped to your frame. No need to carry a heavy pack!
- You'll never leave home without your essentials, and never be left stranded on the trails.
- Simply loop the strap around your frame and attach with hook and loop fastener.
- A secondary inner-strap provides a secure grasp on your essentials meaning no dropped tubes and no scratches on your frame.
- Weighs just 25g, meaning it won't hold you back

Length: 49 cm
Width: 3.2 cm
Weight: 25g
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