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Fox Glove Ranger Gel Extra Large Pewter

Fox Glove Ranger Gel Extra Large Pewter

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Fox Glove Ranger Gel Extra Large Pewter
The Fox Ranger Gloves are also highly versatile and work well in almost any discipline. Their silicone thumb and finger panels also give the rider a lot more control over the bar too. Non-Restrictive Fit & Gel Padding Vibration damping and added protection is provided by strategically placed TruGel padding on the palms and finger bases.

This also helps to maintain blood flow and reduce rough impacts from rocks and roots during trail rides. The low-profile cuff with hook & loop wrist closure and TPR tab gives a snug, confident fit. Touchscreen Compatibility These days nobody wants gloves that aren't touch-screen compatible, but never fear, FOX RANGER GEL MTB GLOVES use conductive threads at the index finger and thumb so you can use your phone or GPS without needing to remove your gloves first.

So, whether you're drawn to them because of their performance features, their looks or their price we know you won't come home feeling down-hearted after taking them for a spin on the bike. Grab a pair of these champions today and take them for a ride. You'll love them.
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