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Fox Fork Dust Wiper Kit 36mm Lf No Flange

Fox Fork Dust Wiper Kit 36mm Lf No Flange

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Fox Fork Dust Wiper Kit 36mm Lf No Flange
Suitable for all Fox 36 models. Past and Present PART NUMBER 803-00-933

Genuine Fox fork dust wiper/foam ring kit, increases durability and extends service life. New Improved Low friction performance seal designed with a dual lip wiper to keep contaminates out. New foam rings to lubricate fork inside. Note - These new flangeless dust seals are best installed using the correct seal driver tool, as recommended by Fox.
Kit includes:
- 2 Dust wiper / oil seals
- 2 Foam lubricating rings
- 3 crush washers

Recommended Tooling, Greases and Oils

- Fox Racing Shox Seal Driver Tool / MY18 Update
- Fox Racing Shox Fork Damper / AIR Spring Removal Tool 32/34/36/40
- Fox Racing Shox Suspension Oil 20wt Gold
- Slickoleum Light Grease
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