Shop Ride - 22/7/23 - Mixed Terrian

Shop Ride - 22/7/23 - Mixed Terrian

Join us for a leisurely ride on Saturday as we ride around the Moto road loop.

This route is perfect for those who are new to gravel and road riding and want the experience of riding on different terrains.

We will be departing from the Wynter Tavern at 2pm sharp.

The ride will be approximately 30km long with around 150m of climbing, but don't worry, we'll be taking it nice and easy with a plan to maintain a 15-20km average speed.

And after a great ride, we'll end back at the Wynter Tavern where we can all enjoy a cold drink.

We look forward to having you join us for a fun and enjoyable ride!

Meeting Point: Wynter Tavern
Date: Saturday 22/7/23
Time: Rolling out at 2pm sharp


When you come along to one of our rides be aware that they are RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Bourkes Bicycles take no responsibility for any injury to yourself, a third party or for any damage to your bike/belongings. We highly recommend that you have your own personal health insurance or AusCycling membership to cover yourself.

What is a mixed terrain/gravel ride? Just like it sounds it is a ride on tar and gravel roads!

This ride is for you if you have a bit of fitness behind you and bike that is suitable for gravel roads. During one of these rides you may encounter a variety of surfaces from asphalt to rough gravel roads and even the odd bit of single track, as well as a little bit of climbing.

Still an easy social pace with plenty of chance to rest and regroup.

Ride time of around 2-3 hours

You will need a bike in good working order, a helmet, enclosed footwear, gloves and plenty of water. Also bring along things you may need to keep you going. For example spare tube, tools, pump, etc.


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