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Draft Top 2.0 Drink Can Opener

Draft Top 2.0 Drink Can Opener

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Draft Top 2.0 Drink Can Opener
Beer should always be enjoyed from a glass to allow the aroma of the beer to be experienced, as you can't taste what you can't smell. But what if you're having beers somewhere that isn't glass friendly, like the beach or pool on a beautiful Australian Summers day? The Draft Top 2.0 opens cans easily and cleanly, leaving a smooth edge so you can enjoy your beer straight from the can as if you were drinking from a glass wherever you want.

The patented 4-blade design removes the top of most 330ml to 500ml aluminium cans quickly and with ease.

Creates an incredibly smooth edge that safely turns your can into an on the go cup.

Unlock the aroma of the beer and drink straight out of the can enjoying the beer the way the brewer intended.

When the can is empty, rinse it out and make it a herb planter or pen holder.

Compact and portable, take the Draft Top 2.0 with you wherever you go!

Whether you're enjoying beers at parties, camping, the beach, work, the pool, open your friends and family's beverages so they enjoy the full flavour and aroma of their beers like never before.
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